Welcome Aboard

In 1991, the school expanded its program to include training in Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS) at the practicum site in Barangay Pahanocoy and eventually earned a Certificate of Merits issued by the DECS for School Year 1991-‘92 for having the “THE MOST IMPROVED SCHOOL FACILITIES.” The following year, the Maritime Training Council (MTC) issued a permit to operate the Visayan Maritime Academy Training Center (VMATC) which conducted training to VMA students as well as to students of other schools.

In the same school year, VMA added to its course offerings, BASIC MERCHANT MARINE COURSE major in Stewardship and Culinary Arts, now reamed SEAFARERS’ CATERING & STEWARDSHIP COURSE, followed by Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant management and Bachelor of Science in Tourism. On February 08, 1994, VMA lease was extended to 20 years, however, conscious of the need for a more permanent base for its plan of modernization and upgrading and with the support for the manpower training needs of the family corporation, OROPHIL Shipping International, AMTDC purchased the school properties in May 1996.

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Training Center Day